Hologram Business Cards!!!

Now offering custom Hologram business cards.  LaserGuidedVisions developed a marketing technology that combines the impact of visionary art with a background of many years of strategic business development. LaserGuidedVision’s animated business cards create and exciting viral marketing effect where people refer other people. Create fun and magic with everyone you meet!

Pricing Breakdown:

$1000 for first batch of 2500pcs
$600 for reorders / additional sets

Whats the Minimum Order?

2500pcs is the minimum. The cost of your first batch covers this lengthy design work, press setup, printing plates, ect. and you get 2500 holograms for $1000.

Reorders/Multiple People?

The cards in each 2500pc set are identical. You can do two people with the same holo and different backs/contact by ordering a second set. This would be $600 more and that person would get their own set of 2500pcs.

So, 2 people would be $1000 + $600 for a total of 5000pcs (2500pcs each).

How do I send you files?

Contact us today for a file transfer link and send us whatever kind of images you have, and we can get started right away.