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Custom Hologram

Custom Hologram

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You can now have your very own large format custom hologram of your favorite 3 pictures!!! The images animate on your wall as you walk past. Family photos, party pics, wedding pictures -its all possible! You can even "tell a story" by time lapsing the pictures. Imagine a picture of when kids were born, when they went to first grade, then when they graduated college! Or when you first met your true love, when you proposed, and when you got married!!! Anything is possible!!! You can even send us your ART and we will make you a custom hologram!

Its as EASY AS  1-2-3!
1.You just pick 3 photos or a collection of them if you want us to make the call on what would look best.
2.Once you checkout you will get a confirmation email. Reply to this email with them the pics attached or email us if there is an issue. Because of the holographic image compression they can be of almost any size and facebook pictures work great (higher resolution looks slightly better but not required).
3. Take about a week or two to print. Email us for rush order.  

Check out this Video and HIT THE FULLSCREEN BUTTON!!!

Here is another awesome one! The possibilities are endless!!! HIT THE FULLSCREEN BUTTON

Just send us whatever you got and we can make the magic happen!!! The prints are a large 11"x14" for $150 or HUGE framed 22x28in for $299!!! A timeless conversation piece and something you will enjoy walking past every day!  PLEASE NOTE: You can just email us the 3 photos by replying to the confirmation email or using our contact form if there is an issue. It is SUPER easy. You can also buy now and take your time selecting the images or even gift it to a friend that can send us the pics!

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