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Laser Guided Visions

Heart Hologram Hat

Heart Hologram Hat

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Laser Guided Visions is thrilled to unveil our latest creation: the stunning Double Vajra Heart Hologram Hat! 🧢✨ This extraordinary piece is the result of a remarkable collaboration between Laser Guided Visions and our amazing friends at Grass Roots California! Prepare to be blown away! 😍

🔮 Witness the mesmerizing 16 frame heart hologram on the bill designed by Daniel Holeman that will transport you to another dimension! With its captivating blend of vibrant colors and intricate details, the Purple Vajra Snapback Hologram Hat is truly a sight to behold.🔮 

✨ This exclusive limited-edition release is a testament to our shared passion for innovation and pushing boundaries. We are proud to bring you a one-of-a-kind headwear experience that fuses fashion and technology in the most extraordinary way possible. 💜🔥 Available in two sizes SM/MD and LG/XL. Click video to view the hologram design on the bill. 

Featured in exquisite embrodery on the forehead is powerful symbol of the double vajra. The double vajra represents the convergence of dualities in the universe, blending the ethereal and the material, the inner and the outer, and the seen and the unseen. It is a symbol of unity, balance, and the harmonious fusion of opposites, much like the union of yin and yang.

The prongs of the vajras spiral outward, symbolizing the expansion of consciousness and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond the mundane. Each prong holds the key to a different dimension of existence, inviting seekers to explore the realms of the mystical and the unknown.

As the double vajra's prongs intersect at its center, they form a nexus of divine energy, a portal to higher states of awareness and enlightenment. It is as if the vajra acts as a cosmic tuning fork, resonating with the frequencies of higher consciousness and facilitating a connection to higher realms.

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