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LED Lightbox for Holograms

LED Lightbox for Holograms

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ALL LIGHTBOXES COME WITH YOUR HOLOGRAM OF CHOICE!!! We will email you a confirmation of purchase and you just reply with the name of the design you want and we make it custom just for you! You can pick ANY of the designs from this page --->> HOLOGRAM ART

These LED Hologram Lightboxes are NEXT LEVEL!!! 

All the prints in the HOLOGRAM section are available in the custom LED frames we make. This is the absolute pinnacle of visionary hologram tech. This awesome hologram is built into a high tech, low wattage, 300 LED light box for it that is super bright and crisp!  Comes with power adapter and you just plug into the wall and get blown away! Awesome in daylight on or turn off the lights and enjoy its awesome ambient lighting as the box fills the room with a holographic glow. As you walk past it on your wall the hologram image animates in melty liquid activation!

Comes in two sizes: 11"x14" and 22"x28".  

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